About Victoria Bond’s Courses

These two courses were previously offered by the Metropolitan Opera Guild. They are now available only through Triangle Wagner Society. If you took them in the past, consider refreshing your knowledge by taking them again!

Wagner’s Ring Cycle: Music, Motifs, and Magic

In this five-part course, beginning with The Harmonic Toolbox, Victoria Bond illuminates the harmonies, melodies, and leifmotifs of the four operas that comprise Wagner’s Ring. This course will both provide new insights to experienced Wagnerites and help those with no musical background to better understand and appreciate Wagner’s musical and dramatic creations.

  • Section 1 –  Introduction: Harmonic Toolbox for These Operas (20 min)
  • Section 2Das Rheingold (1 hr, 24 min)
  • Section 3Die Walküre (1 hr, 12 min)
  • Section 4Siegfried (1 hr, 28 min)
  • Section 5 – Götterdämmerung (1 hr, 30 min)

Wagner’s Music Dramas: Revolution or Evolution?

Building on the information in Victoria Bond’s course on Wagner’s Ring Cycle, this four-part course applies the same deep understanding and analysis to Wagner’s other operas.

  • Section 1 – Introduction: Harmonic Toolbox for These Operas (20 min)
  • Section 2 – Videos and Course Material
    • Part 1 – Wagner’s Early Operas (Die Feen, Rienzi, Der fliegende Holländer) (1 hr)
    • Part 2 – Wagner’s Middle Operas (Tannhäuser, Lohengrin) (45 min)
    • Part 3 – Wagner’s Late Operas (Tristan und Isolde, Die Meistersinger von Nürenberg, Parsifal) (57 min)


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the ring: motifs music and magic

Wagner’s Music Dramas: Evolution or Revolution

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